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May 2015 update -

Peace Signs are currently not available.

All resources are currently finishing the new Mad Science Lab flanger

The Incredible Flanging Machine...........

OK.... What's a flanger?

Basically a flanger is audio device that sweeps a bunch of notches in

the audio to produce a swirling sound. Technically a flanger creates a moving

set of phase differences that move across the frequencies driven by an LFO.


Some great flangers were made in the 1980's and 90's. The Electric Mistress

is one of my favorite for it's complex swirling flange. Unfortunately the

old analog chips are no longer available.

However with modern DSP chips and 24 bit processing a lot can be done

with flangers that was not easily done back in the old days.

More info soon


The Peace signs below are currently not available.

Above, the Mad Science Lab Peace sign all lit up

Above, the 7 inch round circuit board with 57 LEDs

This Peace sign uses a very small amount of power

Above, the Peace sign in a darker room

Above, the circuit board is covered by a 1/16" thick Plexiglas circle

A small transformer provides the power for the Peace sign



The Peace sign looks great next to pictures


Below is the original version Peace sign with Plexiglas front and back

Above, the Mad Science Lab Peace sign all lit up




The Mad Science Lab Peace sign turned on

30 Blue LEDs form the circle (diameter = 6.28 = 2 Pi)

27 Green LEDs form the Peace sign

Above, the small surface mount LEDs can be seen under the Plexiglas

A small voltage regulator and capacitors insure consistent lighting


The back side of the Mad Science Lab Peace sign

Mounting wire is already attached, so it is ready to hang


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