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January 2014 update -

The new smaller LED Peace sign will be released in February

The Mad Science Lab Peace Sign in Canvas is available for $110 + $8 shipping in US

email to confirm availability, then use Paypal to send $118 direct to

Size is 14 X 18 inches with 40 LEDs driven by custom Mad Science Lab circuit board made in US

This is an LED peace sign where the LEDs are turned on by audio that is plugged into the mini stereo plug.

There are 24 blue LEDs and 15 green LEDs.

A custom Mad Science Lab designed circuit board transforms the audio that is input to the unit into current to drive the LEDs.

Left: The high frequencies trigger the green LEDs that form the inner part of the peace symbol.

Left: The bass frequencies in the signal trigger the blue LEDs that form a 12 inch circle. A lower level bass signal and the blue LEDs do not light up as bright.

This picture shows that only a low frequency signal is detected, like a bass guitar or kick drum.

Left: The bass frequencies are louder so the blue LEDs are brighter.

The lack of green LEDs means a high frequency signal is not detected in the input signal, or is very low.

To the left

Both blue and green lights are on indicating high and low frequencies are detected.

Input can be any audio player, MP3 players, phones ipads ,mixers, anything that plays music

A 3.5 mm standard stereo audio plug is attached so it can connect directly to the audio device.

Basically, the LEDs light up to the music.
Loud fast music = loud fast lights
Slower tempo songs = slowly pulsing lights to the music

The Peace sign is mounted inside a traditional gallery wrapped canvas with wooden frames.

Please paint or sketch on it.

When turned off it looks like a blank canvas.

Mounting hardware is attached to the back, so it is ready to hang.

Power and audio cables come out the back.

Left: This is a close up showing the power transformer and the stereo plug.

Left: Each unit has a serial # and instructions

Limited run of 20 peace signs in canvas

Left: Please paint or sketch on the canvas.

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