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June 2015 update -

The Incredible Flanging Machine.........It is .. ALIVE!!!!!

Mad Science Lab Flanger
Above, The Incredible Flanging Machine by Mad Science Lab
Mad Science Lab Flanger

Above, the back side of The Incredible Flanging Machine

showing the Input and Output Jacks

Mad Science Lab Flanger

Above, side view, the translucent blue paint is in indirect sunlight



The Incredible Flanging Machine Manual

The Incredible Flanging Machine has the same basic 3 controls almost all flangers have.

A rate control which sets the speed of the LFO. This is what sweeps the flanger.

A depth knob which sets the size of the LFO. This sets the amount of sweep.

And a feedback control, sometimes called color, which sets the level of feedback that is returned back to the input. This increase the flanging sound, think more swirly.

The Incredible Flanging Machine adds to this with more feedback loops, slower and more precise LFO sweeping and thru zero flanging.

The Incredible Flanging Machine also has a clean/ flanged control so the effect level can be controlled.

All of this in super quiet stereo unit that is built to last many years.


The Incredible Flanging Machine Controls

Mad Science Lab Flanger

The Rate Knob adjusts the speed of the LFO that sweeps the flanger. This is a free spinning knob.

The green LED on the left will be always on at the lowest speed, and the red LED on the right will be always on at the fastest speed.

When turned on the LFO is set at its slowest speed ( .15 HZ or about 6 seconds per cycle) The red LED will flash every 3 seconds while the green LED is steady.

6 Complete turns of the knob will take you to the fastest setting, about 20Hz



The left side control knobs


Mad Science Lab Flanger

The depth knob adjusts the range of the sweep for the flanger , by adjusting the size of the LFO that modulates the flanger.

If this control is set low, the LFO will be smaller so the flange will have less sweep. Also at lower settings the SW1 switch for thru zero flanging will have no effect.

Mad Science Lab Flanger

The feedback 2 knob adjusts the amount of feedback for the second delay line.

When SW2 is on this knob adjusts the feedback level for delay lines 2 and 3

Higher settings will emphasize the sweeping of the flanger.

Mad Science Lab Flanger

The feedback knob adjusts the amount of feedback for the first delay line.

Higher settings will emphasize the sweeping of the flanger. The feedback 1 and 2 knobs will bring out different frequencies in the audio.


Mad Science Lab Flanger

S1 turns on Thru Zero Flanging. This allows the flanger to go thru the zero delay time like a reel to reel flanger can. This switch has no effect if the depth control is set below half because the LFO is only modulating a small amount.

Up Thru Zero flanging ON

Down Thru Zero flanging OFF


S2 turns on a third feedback loop. This level, along with the Feedback 2 level, is then set with Feedback 2 control.

This switch has no effect if the Feedback 2 control is set to 0.

Up Feedback 3 loop turned ON

Down Feedback 3 loop turned OFF

This control sets the amount of the flanger versus input signal. When set fully counter clockwise or to 0 the output is what the input is.

All the way clockwise the flanger effect is at maximum.

Mad Science Lab Flanger

Line In 1/4 Switchcraft jacks

These inputs are for line level inputs, or almost any other low level input.

They can not be directly connected to a guitar, bass or turntable. The Flanger works great with guitar or bass but it cannot be the first device connected to the instrument, because of the demands of a magnetic pickup.

For best results, use it as the second or later device with foot pedals, or in a stereo effect send and return loop, on a pre amp or amp.

Line Out 1/4 Switchcraft jacks

These Outputs are line level, matching the input levels when the Clean/Flanger knob is set to 0

Mad Science Lab Flanger
Mad Science Lab Flanger





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